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Although EZ Freight Websites makes it easy and effortless to have a professional site for your trucking company or freight business, we understand that you might have questions regarding your account or how to edit your website. This support page was designed to quickly answer the most common questions we receive. If you need additional support or are unable to find what you are looking for in the videos and how-to articles below, please contact us online or call us toll-free at 855-229-9545 to speak with a member of our technical support staff.

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Video- Change Website Password

This video will show you how to change your password the password for your personal / business website that was created with This is different from your

Video- Change Your Account Password

This video will show you how to change your password for your account. This is different than the password you use to log in directly to your website.

Video- Changing Your Domain Name

This video shows you how to change the domain name (URL) of your website.  

Video- Editing Banner Slider

This video shows you how to edit the sliders (also called rotating banners) on your website. Banner sliders can quickly convey your top services or the most important facts regarding your busines

Video- Editing The Menu

This video shows you how to change your website from one layout (design) to another. You can see all of our layouts on this page.

Video- Editing Your Website

EZ Freight Websites features a powerful and easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS) that enables users to quickly and effortlessly make changes to their business websites. Watch this video to

Video- Editing Your Website Settings

This video shows you how to manage and edit all the settings for your website, including company name, address, logo, domain name, site text, menu navigation, and more. If you have a specific que

Video- How Do I Add A Form From Jotform is a free tool that allows you to make custom forms. You can add these forms to your EZ Freight Website. This video will show you how.

Video- How Do I Add a Google Map To My Website

Do you want to share your company's physical location with visitors to your website? It's easy to add a google map directly to your site which can provide visitors with turn-by-turn direc

Video- How Do I Add Social Media Links To My Website

Want to connect with your visitors through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter? This video walks you through the process of adding social media links to your website for greater social e

Video- How To Cancel Your Account

We're confident you'll never want to cancel your website because you're unhappy with the results, but we understand things come up and circumstances change. In the unlikely event that

Video- How To Control Where You Forms Send Emails To

This video will show you how to control what email address the forms send emails to.

Video- How to Reactivate Account

If you've canceled your account, you can quickly reactivate it and pick up right where you left off with your business website. This video shows you how to reactivate your account and restore

Video- How To Set Up Godaddy Email with EZ Freigth Websites

This will walk you through all the steps needed to set up your email account to work with your EZ Freight Website.

Video- How To Update Your Account and Billing Info

This video will show you how to update your billing info to avoid service disruptions. If you are having any other problems with your account or billing information, please call our toll-free num

Video- How to Use Custom Domain Name

With you can use any domain name you'd like. We call this a custom domain name.  If you have a great idea for a catchy website domain, this video will show you how t

Video- Recover Your Lost My Password

This video shows you what to do if you lost or can't remember your password or the password for your business website you created with

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