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Although EZ Freight Websites makes it easy and effortless to have a professional site for your trucking company or freight business, we understand that you might have questions regarding your account or how to edit your website. This support page was designed to quickly answer the most common questions we receive. If you need additional support or are unable to find what you are looking for in the videos and how-to articles below, please contact us online or call us toll-free at 855-229-9545 to speak with a member of our technical support staff.

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How To Set Up Email With Your Website

Very Important Info About Using Email With Your Website: Do you already have email set up with a 3rd party system such as Google, Gmail, Godaddy, Microsoft Exchange, Outlook, etc. If so, then

Can I Add an SSL Certificate To My Website

SSL certificates are used to encrypt data for things like credit card processing and accepting online payments. Not all websites need these and it is not included as part of your subscription.&nb

Can I Set Up Email For My Website

We don’t offer email with EZ Freight Websites, however you can use any 3rd party email system you'd like. Two good options for email are Godaddy (

Getting Started Videos

If you’re new to EZ Freight Websites, start here to learn everything you need to know about how our easy-to-use platform works. This video series will get you up and running in no time, and

How Do I Contact Support

We love helping our customers! If you need to contact technical support for any reason, call our toll-free number or contact us directly by clicking on the “Contact Support” button. W

How Do I Control My Listing in Google

This will show you how to control what text / info is shown in your listing in Google and other search engines. Keep in mind that any changes you make on your website can take up to 30 days to sh

How To Add A Link To Your Website

Want to add password protected page to your website? It's easy to do with EZ Freight Websites. This video will show you how. Users will be forced to type in a password in order to see the pag

How to Change Nameserver Addresses at Google Domains

If you purchased a domain name ( from Google, you need to point it at your website. Here's how. Sign in to Google Domains. In the left-hand navigation men

How To Make A Password Protected Page on Your Website

Want to add password protected page to your website? It's easy to do with EZ Freight Websites. This video will show you how. Users will be forced to type in a password in order to see the pag

How to Reset Carrier Registration Page

If you've edited the carrier registration form on your website, there is an easy way to set it back to the default form. This will set the form back to how it originally was when you first cr

How to set your name servers at Godaddy

If you are using a custom domain name (like then you will need to point the domain at our servers. This is pretty easy to do. We do this by setting the name servers. Here is the

I Lost My Password. What Do I Do.

Can’t remember your password or the password for your new business website? This video walks you through the process of recovering or resetting your password.

Name Servers

EZ Freight Websites allows you to link your new site to an existing domain name you already own or a domain name you’ve recently purchased. If you want to use your own domain name (ie., www

Video- How to change your membership plan or billing cycle

This video explains how to change/upgrade your membership plan and your billing cycle. If you have any questions about your membership, please contact support. Please keep in mind that some featu

Video- How to log into your website

This video shows you how to log into the website you created with Refer to our other videos regarding the Content Management System to learn how to edit your new website onc

Video- Logging into Business Website

Another video that explains how to log into the personal business website you created through EZ Freight Websites. If neither of the two videos on the subject of logging into your website help yo

Video- Add Logo to Your Website

Want to personalize your business website? This video shows you how to quickly update your site with your business logo. And don't forget, EZ Freight Websites offers creative design services

Video- Adding a page to your website

Have additional products or services you want to discuss on your website? This video walks you through the process of adding pages to your website. Remember: Pro-level members get unlimited pages

Video- Change Phone Number, Address and Social Media

This video shows you how to manage and edit all the settings for your website, including company name, address, logo, domain name, site text, menu navigation, and more. If you have a specific que

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