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Summer Trucking Tips to Keep Your Cool

05-09-2018 at 01:23 PM
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In some parts of the country, it feels like summer is already here. For the rest of the country, it is coming like a runaway train. Whether you are new to moving loads in the heat or you are an experienced trucker who has been through an entire generation of summer seasons, these tips can help you stay cool when everything heats up.

#1 – Stay hydrated. Being in an air-conditioned truck for a long period of time can fool your mind into believing that your body is in great condition, however dehydration can sneak up on you especially during the hotter months. Dehydration can cause fogginess, exhaustion and a host of other health issues for truckers. Drink regularly throughout the day to keep yourself hydrated, awake and alert. Keep an extra case of water or gallon jug with you just in case of anything unexpected.

#2 – Sun protection. This one seems obvious but it is easy to ignore the damage that the sun can do to our skin when we don’t pay attention. Sun exposure can be dangerous, even when in your cabin (think left side of your body!). Applying sunscreen regularly is the easiest way to protect yourself. Other ideas include long sleeved shirts, hats, sunglasses and sun shades.

#3 – Traffic Awareness. Summer months have more road traffic than any other time of year which means the it is more dangerous out there for the freight movers and the transportation industry. Many of these extra vehicles on the road are traveling to places the driver hasn’t been before and are unfamiliar with the roads. Use extra caution (and have a little extra patience) to get where you need to go with a cool and clear head and stay accident-free.

#4 – Truck Maintenance.  Summer temperatures can wreak havoc on your truck. Keep your tires properly inflated to avoid tire blowouts. Avoid speeding which can contribute to tire overheating. Check the brakes for optimal functioning. Check your engine belts. Check fluid levels.  Basically, check overall truck health with a little extra frequency in the summertime.

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